The Galleria Alessandra Di Castro deals mainly in Italian art. It ranges from old master paintings to sculpture, from the decorative arts to drawings, from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century. The time span stretches from the Renaissance to Neoclassicism. The “mission” is to discover, study and evince the importance of works significant to the history of Italian art.

Despite the changed times, there is still firm belief in gallery work and Alessandra Di Castro dedicates all her energy to enhancing her wondrous surrounds in Piazza di Spagna 4. Perhaps with a certain visionary thrust, she strives to export le goût Di Castro to the world through the stands that, with taut concentration, she every time prepares with her staff for major national and international fairs and events (the Palazzo Corsini Biennale in Florence; Tefaf Maastricht ; Tefaf New York; Masterpiece London). Just as, animated by the desire to create a widespread national network, in autumn 2020 she immediately decided to join ITALICS Art and Landscape, a group of antiquarian and contemporary gallerists, all endowed with the point of view of those who have made art their proper pursuit, intent on making known, in conjoint fashion, the marvels of the land of Italy.

One of Alessandra’s chief aims since 2009, the year Piazza di Spagna 4 opened its doors, has been to spotlight her interests through art-history publications always commissioned from leading experts in their respective fields: painting, sculpture, engraved gems, coloured marbles, bronzes, silver, drawings, the decorative arts. In fact, Alessandra considers herself a “generalist” antiques dealer and has no interest in narrow specialization. She is alert to the fact that antiquarian dealers should be ambassadors of culture, of history, of taste. Discovering very often means bringing back to Italy works gone astray in remote milieux. And that is why it requires curiosity, energy, courage, originality, lifting one’s gaze and being passionate about every form of art and – the decisive element – the continual expanding of one’s knowledge.